Patient stories of hope

Young Hawa African girl smiling after facial surgeryRead Hawa's Story

The people in Hawa’s village believed the 6-year-old girl was cursed.

Pulcherie has sight restored receives surgery onboard hospital shipRead Pulcherie's story

Blinded by cataracts, Pulcherie had never seen the face of her own baby.

Young Aicha African girl with body burns recovering after surgeryRead Aicha's story

Badly burned in a house fire, little Aicha hid from everyone.

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Volunteer stories of mercy

Mercy Ships nurse volunteer tells her storyNursing Africa to health

"What they give back to us is more than we could ever give."

Mercy Ships medical volunteer tells her storyHelping the blind to see

"You can’t help but be changed when you serve the Lord."

Mercy Ships crew member tells his storyLove and acceptance

"I'm not the same person I was when I left home."

Mercy Ships crew member tells his storyDriven to serve others

"Any little part I can do to help is worth it."

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35 years of healing the world's poor

Mercy Ships female African patient smilingMercy in action

How the world’s largest charity hospital ship provides care and neighborly love.

Why we serve the poor

Many of the world’s poor suffer or even die from easily treatable medical conditions.

Don & Deyon Stephens founders of Mercy ShipsFrom dream to reality

Discover the origins and history of our international humanitarian organization.

Mercy Ships volunteer doctor operates on patientTraining local doctors

Our mission to leave a lasting impact in Togo.

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Mercy Ships Blog

A Fist Bump For Fandresena, Jul, 22

When I met five-year-old Fandresena he couldn’t use his right hand to give me a fist bump – a popular greeting similar in meaning to a high five. Two years earlier the cheeky little boy was caught in a house fire that severely burned his right hand.

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Mercy Minute

Don Stevens - Mercy Minute

Don Stephens

Founder, Mercy Ships

Every day our Founder, Don Stephens takes a minute to explain how you can make a lasting difference in the world.