During the holidays, we focus on gifts—both giving and receiving—for ourselves and people we care about. We spend hours browsing or lining up in front of the mall on Black Friday at 4 a.m. It’s exciting to finally find the perfect gift for someone, wrap it up in festive paper and wait in happy anticipation for them to open it.

But what if you gave a different kind of gift? A gift that meant a little boy could walk again, or one that restored sight to someone?

This year, we have a way for you to give those gifts and more. The gifts inside the Mercy Ships Giving Catalog are gifts that will last far longer than the holiday season—these are the gifts that provide life-saving surgeries and ultimately, hope.

The Giving Catalog gives you the chance to provide cleft-lip repairs, orthopedic surgeries, eye surgeries, and more for those who need it most. By even just purchasing an eye exam for $25, you are giving someone their once-in-a-lifetime chance at freedom and restoration. The Giving Catalog also allows you to partner with other gift-givers by “Sharing a Surgery” to provide surgeries that remove tumors and repair debilitating burns. These are the kinds of gifts that last a lifetime.

In addition to gifts like free surgeries, the Giving Catalog also allows you to give local African healthcare workers the training they desperately need. By paying to training a doctor or a nurse, you are helping to make a lasting impact in a desperately poor part of the world.

And if you want to share the Mercy Ships message of hope and healing through personal gifts and accessories, we’ve got those, too. The Giving Catalog features intricate, silver Africa charms, pearl-drop and anchor earrings, bracelets and a variety of comfy, stylish Mercy Ships T-Shirts. All proceeds go to where help is needed most, and these gifts are constant reminders of how you’ll be providing hope for the hopeless.

When the holidays roll around, we hope you’ll look no farther than the Mercy Ships Giving Catalog to truly give a gift that keeps on giving long after the holiday season is over.

This year, give someone the gift of life!