A Growing Tumor, Shrinking Hope

As the tumor grew, people began staring at Isabelle in horror. She was ridiculed everywhere she went–even banned from school.

“I was afraid and was praying to God asking, ‘what is this problem? Why is it growing?’” Isabelle said.

Isabelle and her family felt hopeless. Then one night as they huddled in their tiny home, they heard a radio broadcast about Mercy Ships. And just like that, hope returned.


An Answer to Prayer

Isabelle and her family began the long journey to get her the medical attention she desperately needed. They walked for two days and spent another day on a bus. Finally, on arrival, Isabelle caught her first glimpse of the floating hospital ship that would change her life forever.

Isabelle was examined and told she was approved for a series of complicated surgeries to remove the tumor and rebuild her face. Just two weeks after the final surgery, she went home. God answered this little girl’s prayer.

A Happy Child Once Again

Today, Isabelle has returned to her happy childhood. She’s back in school and living a happy, healthy life.