We are excited to share this month’s issue of Waves of Mercy, which features stories of hope and healing, including young Houleye from Senegal and the growth of a unique clinic in Guinea.




As we all know, 2020 was a challenging year for almost everyone, but this new year is full of possibilities, and Mercy Ships is excited for what the future holds.

While our ship, the Africa Mercy, was forced to leave Africa earlier than we planned, Mercy Ships has not left our mission behind. In the midst of COVID-19, we have continued to work with several African countries to provide hope to those who need it most. From the ongoing dental clinic in Guinea to the donation of PPE and online training courses for countries fighting against COVID-19, many lives have been changed.

And the upcoming year promises to bring more healing than ever before. This year we will be taking the helm of our newest ship, the Global Mercy®, which is equipped to double our surgical abilities and increase medical training to change even more lives! That means more possibilities for hope — for children to walk on straightened legs for the first time in their life and for men and women to look in the mirror and see their face without the burden of a tumor — for the chance of healing.

But, our mission would be impossible without the support of our friends and partners, and now we have the chance to impact the lives of twice as many people! This generous support helps so many people — those like little Houleye.

For 5-year-old Houleye, the weight of a large tumor not only diminished her confidence but threatened her mobility as well.

Having the tumor removed seemed out of reach for Houleye and her family, as medical care was difficult to obtain. Thankfully, a glimmer of hope arose when Houleye’s family learned about a hospital ship in Senegal.

 “When I saw the ship, I knew it was a work of God,” her mother, Khadiatou, said. “We trusted in Him and He never let us down.” 

Soon, little Houleye was brought onboard the Africa Mercy, where she received the surgery she needed to correct her condition. Now, her future looks brighter than ever!

“We are really happy and thankful for everything Mercy Ships has done for Houleye,” Khadiatou said. “May God pay you back!”

As we embark on the exciting year ahead, we want to say thank you to our family of partners, supporters, and volunteer professionals, who have dedicated their time and resources to bring hope and healing where it’s needed most.

And while we are thankful for all that has been done, we know there is still much to do. The need is great, but together, we can make a world of difference to the many people living in areas without access to safe medical care. 

True impact starts by saving one life and continues with changing a generation. We hope as you read the digital version of Waves of Mercy that the stories of hope, healing, and lives restored touch your life in the same ways they have touched ours.

Thank you for playing a vital role in bringing hope and healing to those in need!