Go on a Journey of Transformation: Volunteer with Mercy Ships

“I’m not done yet with experiencing the goodness of God and seeing His miracles happening on board this vessel, and throughout our patients but also the people that I just meet around in the crew members. So yeah, I’m just still very thirsty for adventure, beautiful stories and blessings and just victories as well.”

These words came from Lily Boeckel, our Nurse Educator on board the Global Mercy.

It perfectly captures the experience of so many Mercy Ships volunteers.

They come on board, find community, find new purpose, see how God is working all over the world, and long to see even more.

Are you ready to join a community and a mission like that?

Learn all about volunteer with Mercy Ships here.

Who is Mercy Ships?

Before you sign up to move across the world to reach people with the hope and healing of the Gospel, let us give you a quick look into who we are.

Mercy Ships was started by Don and Deyon Stephens in 1978 after they dreamed of a fleet of hospital ships bringing life-changing surgery to those in need. Years later and we’re still sending our hospital ships to the ports of sub-Saharan African nations offering free, safe surgeries to the citizens of those countries. We also train all kinds of local medical professionals, so when we leave the healthcare system is stronger than we arrived.

Our two ships, the Africa Mercy and the Global Mercy, are floating hospitals with operating rooms, a recovery center, a pharmacy, and more. Both are fully staffed by volunteers. Some come and serve for one month. Others like Lily stay for years.

We care for everyone no matter their religious background. From day one our mission has been to “Follow the 2,000-year-old model of Jesus.”

There’s much more to it, and if you want to see everything we do, go here to read all about our vision and volunteer life.

We Need More than Doctors and Nurses

It takes more than doctors and nurses to bring hope and healing to all of God’s people.

Of course we need a constant flow of medical professionals to staff our hospitals on board. But we also need teachers, engineers, hospitality staff, human resources, and so much more.

You can see our full list of volunteer needs and start your application here: Apply Today.

Going Beyond Physical Healing

We believe that God wants to heal every part of our patient’s lives. This means we do our best to go beyond their physical healing. We want them to know God’s love and kindness and joy from the moment they step on board till they’re back home.

Many of our patients have been rejected by their communities and families, lost their jobs, and watched their worlds become smaller and darker, all because of their conditions.

So, when they come to us, we help them remember, or maybe realize for the first time, what it means to be part of a loving, welcoming community.

You’ll have the opportunity to join that community when you volunteer with us.

Embark on a Transformative Journey

Volunteering with Mercy Ships is not just an opportunity; it’s a transformative journey. It’s a chance to witness the power of your actions in changing lives and fostering hope for those who have none. The stories of resilience and gratitude from the people you’ll meet will stay with you long after your time on board.

If you’re ready to embark on this life-changing experience, explore how you can use your skills and make your mark here.

Mercy Ships invites you to be part of a mission that goes beyond borders, creating a ripple effect of change that starts with you. Join the community of dedicated volunteers, and together, let’s make a lasting impact on the world — one act of kindness at a time.

Maybe you’re like Lily. You’re thirsty for adventure and not done experiencing the goodness of God.

If that sounds like you, apply to volunteer today.