A Lifesaving Partnership

Lloyd’s Register and Mercy Ships Working Together for a Safer World

Access to quality healthcare remains a pressing challenge in many parts of the world. It’s why Lloyd’s Register and Mercy Ships work together to take healthcare to parts of the world where it’s needed the most, making a significant impact within local communities and beyond.


Over the past four decades, these two entities have forged a powerful partnership, working together to build hospital ships and share essential skills. This collaboration has not only ensured the safety of Mercy Ships’ operations but also transformed countless lives around the globe. In this blog, we will explore the incredible partnership between Lloyd’s Register and Mercy Ships and how it is making the world a safer place.

Jim Paterson, Mercy Ships Marine Executive Consultant, stated: “The culture and values of Lloyd’s Register and Mercy Ships have remarkable similarities and complementary aspects that have manifested in treasured personal friendships across our organizations. In addition, the practical expertise of Lloyd’s Register in shipbuilding and ship operations has made it possible for Mercy Ships to help make building a better future and a safer world a reality in many communities throughout Africa.”

Building Hospital Ships

One of the key objectives of the Lloyd’s Register and Mercy Ships partnership is the construction of hospital ships. These specialized vessels are equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities, enabling Mercy Ships to bring surgical care to underserved communities in developing nations. Mercy Ships is expanding its fleet and will build a new hospital ship with the support of Lloyd’s Register.


Lloyd’s Register, with its expertise in maritime engineering and safety, plays a crucial role in ensuring hospital ships meet the highest safety and quality standards. By adhering to Lloyd’s Register’s rigorous classification rules and regulations, Mercy Ships can confidently sail, knowing its fleet is safe and reliable.

Sharing Essential Skills

In addition to helping to engineer hospital ships, the partnership also focuses on the exchange of skills and knowledge. Lloyd’s Register provides technical expertise and training to Mercy Ships’ crew members, ensuring they possess the necessary skills to operate the ship safely and effectively. This collaboration enhances the capabilities of Mercy Ships’ technical team, enabling them to navigate challenging maritime conditions and deliver critical medical services to areas with limited access. By supporting Mercy Ships Technical Training Program, Lloyd’s Register not only contributes to the overall safety and success of the organization’s mission but also offers opportunities for maritime career advancements to trainees from all over the world, including Africa.

Through their joint efforts, Lloyd’s Register and Mercy Ships have transformed the lives of countless individuals. The hospital ships provide access to life-saving surgeries, medical treatment, and healthcare services that otherwise would be inaccessible to many. By taking healthcare directly to underserved communities, these organizations offer hope and healing to those who need it the most. The partnership exemplifies the power of collaboration and the immense impact it can have on making the world a safer and more compassionate place.

Over the past 40+ years, the Mercy Ships team has developed a close friendship with Lloyd’s Register’s technical staff to creatively solve the unique challenges of one-of-a-kind purpose-built Hospital Ships.

In the next few months, Mercy Ships will be sharing further examples of how the two organizations collaborate to bring to light the depth and breadth of the partnership. Stay tuned for more!