Spring has arrived, and with it comes a season of renewed hope and restoration — heralded in by the Africa Mercy’s exciting return to Senegal!

Once again, lives are being transformed onboard our hospital ship. Children whose conditions made them feel different and ashamed are finally finding the healing they need. Boys and girls who struggled with conditions ranging from blindness to orthopedic problems and more are receiving surgeries that will change their lives forever.




For the first time in years, these children will be able to laugh, run, and play without the burdens of their conditions weighing them down.

We are so excited to be a part of this season of renewal by restoring the lives of children like Djimby.

Djimby’s journey to healing

When she was a toddler, Djimby’s parents noticed that her legs weren’t straight like those of other children. She had developed a condition called windswept knees, which made standing and walking difficult. As she grew, her family worried that Djimby wouldn’t be able to keep up with those around her without access to safe surgery to straighten her legs.

“I couldn’t watch one of my grandchildren suffer without doing something,” her grandmother, Ndeye, said. “I am healthy, and I can walk. So as long as I am living, I will look for a solution.”

The solution that Ndeye had been looking for came when she least expected it. Djimby was able to receive free surgery onboard the Africa Mercy and can now stand tall!

“Mercy Ships made me forget about the past suffering,” Ndeye said. “I hope Djimby will transform people’s lives the way Mercy Ships transformed her life.”

Djimby and so many other patients like her have reinvigorated our passion for bringing access to safe surgery to those in need — children and families whose lives are completely transformed as a result.

A season of hope and restoration

When young Amadou was separated from his parents, a fire broke out and left him covered in horrible burns that became painful scars that limited his mobility. For twins Ousseynou and Assane, a condition caused their legs to curve outward at the knee making it painfully difficult to walk and limiting their independence. And the presence of a large tumor threatened little Houleye’s life.

But free surgery onboard the Africa Mercy brought hope for them all. Each of these children came aboard our hospital ship. Their futures were transformed from one of pain and indignity to one full of potential and hope.

“We are really happy and thankful for everything Mercy Ships has done,” Houleye’s aunt said. “Before, I was always worried about her. Now, I don’t have to be.”

Thanks to the generosity of our partners, Djimby, Amadou, Ousseynou, Assane, Houleye, and so many more have been able to find healing and now have new lives and brighter futures ahead of them. And as surgeries continue onboard the Africa Mercy, we know even more lives will be changed. This is only possible thanks to the generosity of friends like you. Thank you!

As you read this issue of Waves of Mercy, we hope you are encouraged by the stories of hope and healing. The need is great, but together, we can make a world of difference to those living in areas without access to healthcare.

Thank you for playing a vital role in renewing the lives of so many.