Father’s Day is a day to celebrate the men who have worked hard for their children and families. For Mory, being a father meant sacrificing everything to find healing for his young son.

One day, 5-year-old Drissa was playing near the open fire where his mother was cooking dinner. Drissa accidently bumped into the pan his mother was using and hot oil spilt over him covering the small boy’s neck and chest in painful burns. His parents immediately took him to the clinic, but they were only able to afford temporary relief for the excruciating pain he experienced.

“I used to have enough money to buy food for my family — but after [the accident], we had to find money to buy his medicine and pay for his care at the hospital,” Mory said. “I couldn’t provide enough food for my children anymore.”

Over time, without proper treatment, Drissa’s wounds scarred forming painful burn contractures on his neck, which made it difficult for him to move. Mory searched for ways to help his son but with little money, there was little he could do. Then one day, nearly four years after Drissa’s accident, a friend told his family about a hospital ship that was coming to Guinea with volunteers that would provide free surgery to those in need.

Mory rushed his son to the hospital screening in hopes that they might be able to find the surgical care he needed. Once Drissa was approved for surgery, the two traveled the two-day journey to the Africa Mercy®.

“I thought, ‘I have never experienced this type of kindness before.’ They took care of my son even while he was sleeping,” Mory said. “The way they treated him is the way that God wants us to be treated, so I can see that people on the ship really know God. When we go home, I will tell everyone that Mercy Ships is real — Drissa is the proof that help is possible, and that we are all equal and deserve to be treated with kindness.”

After surgery to release the burn contractures, physical therapists worked with Drissa  through exercises and games to increase his range of motion. Soon, Drissa and his father were heading home, ready to show their friends and family his transformation. Now that Drissa is healed from the painful scars, Mory dreams of a brighter future for his son, one that includes returning to school as soon as possible.

“By coming [to Mercy Ships], I have seen the importance of education,” Mory said. “What happens on the ship is not magic — it is possible because many people have studied and are now putting their education to use. I want my son to have that same education and to know that anything can be possible.”

Drissa and Mory are only one example of the families healed thanks to the compassionate giving of our partners and the tireless work of our volunteers.

Thank you to all of the fathers who have given so much of themselves to raising future generations! Happy Father’s Day!