Adam’s Story:

It was no surprise that nine-year-old Adam-Zidane loved playing soccer. He was named after the famous French soccer player, Zinedine Zidane, and nothing brought his father, Abdoulai, more joy than watching Adam play the sport they both loved.

But when Adam was just five years old, an injury caused his ankle to become painfully and unnaturally twisted. The injury to his ankle cost Adam the ability to run, play soccer, and even walk properly.

Desperate to find help for his son, Abdoulai spent more than he could afford on doctors. When they told him that amputating the foot was their best option, he hoped and prayed for another way to help his son.

But just a few months before the scheduled amputation, they found out about Mercy Ships, and Adam was approved for surgery on the Africa Mercy! Adam and his family were ecstatic!

“When we got the call from Mercy Ships that he was selected to come to the ship, it was a celebration in our home. Everyone was so happy!” said Abdoulai.

Now, not only would Adam be able to keep his foot, he would be able to walk, run, and play soccer again! After surgery, Adam’s leg was finally healed, and he and his father were overjoyed. Adam’s bright, friendly personality was back on full display.

Finally, Adam returned home able to walk with two feet flat on the ground — a sight that brought joy and celebration for the new future he had ahead of him!

“Before, he couldn’t play with his friends, he found walking difficult, and he couldn’t go to school every day,” said Abdoulai. “Now, he’ll be going to school every day…He loves to play ball, climb trees, and go swimming.”

Thanks to you, Adam is now playing his favorite sport again! As he kicks up the red dirt in his village, every goal is a testimony of the incredible hope and healing brought to Adam and his family.