Read David's Story

Born with bowed legs, David faced a lifetime of pain without surgery...

Read Jacques's Story

Jacques and his sisters Marie and Elodie were all blind from cataracts…

Read Maurinho's Story

Maurinho was born with severely bowed legs that made even standing and walking nearly impossible.

Read Dorkas' and Anna's Story

Both sisters where born blind and their mother thought she was cursed...

Read Miracle's Story

When Miracle was born with a deformed leg, her mother Sylvie worried desperately.

Read Juste's Story

When Juste's cyst continued to grow, his mother could only pray.

Read Isabelle's Story

When Isabelle's tumor began to grow, her happy childhood took a turn.

Read Mary's Story

For years, Mary's tumor grew. It covered her eye and caused her classmates to relentlessly taunt her.

Read Prinscio's Story

Prinscio was ashamed of his twisted feet. Now he's excited to run and play like other kids.

Read Elina's Story

Elina's infected burns threatened her life. She needed a miracle.

Read Jocelin’s Story

As Jocelin’s tumor grew, so did his fear of being ostracized and alone. His father prayed for a miracle.

Read Rajo's Story

Rajo’s painful club foot left him unable to or interact with other children.

Volunteer stories of mercy

A tangible hope

Dr. Gary Parker has had a front-row view of the great surgical need.

Mercy Ships nurse volunteer tells her storyNursing Africa to health

"What they give back to us is more than we could ever give."

Mercy Ships medical volunteer tells her storyHelping the blind to see

"You can’t help but be changed when you serve the Lord."

Mercy Ships crew member tells his storyLove and acceptance

"I'm not the same person I was when I left home."

Mercy Ships crew member tells his storyDriven to serve others

"Any little part I can do to help is worth it."

Mercy Ships nurse volunteer tells her storyMaking lasting change with love

"I have been changed and I have grown here."

35 years of healing the world's poor

Mercy Ships female African patient smilingMercy in action

How the world’s largest charity hospital ship provides care and neighborly love.

Why we serve the poor

Many of the world’s poor suffer or even die from easily treatable medical conditions.

Don & Deyon Stephens founders of Mercy ShipsFrom dream to reality

Discover the origins and history of our international humanitarian organization.

Mercy Ships volunteer doctor operates on patientTraining local doctors

Our mission to leave a lasting impact in Togo.