Healing for Hassainatou

Houssainatou’s childhood was defined by a painful tumor that had grown steadily in her mouth since she was a toddler. By the time she was 8 years old, it protruded so severely that she couldn’t even smile. Her father kept her home from school and worried he’d have to watch his daughter struggle and die at an early age.

A Year of Miracles

It has been a year of miracles this year! Because of people like you, so many children and adults are no longer suffering from disfiguring and life-threatening tumors! Now those burdened with shame from conditions outside of their control can live free once again. Because of people like you, the lame can walk, and the blind can see!

Helping Hands for Tene

With a smile that was quick to come and slow to leave, little Tene captured Mariam’s heart immediately.

There is so much hope to give

There is so much hope to give, and YOU can be part of spreading hope this season! Contact us today to see how you can partner with us to help spread hope this season.

A Bigger World: Aicha’s Story

Aicha’s larger-than-life curiosity was on display — just because she couldn’t see the world around her, didn’t mean she wasn’t already leaving her mark on it.

Read M'Mah Benessa's Story

A small lump became a dangerous tumor on M’Mah Benessa’s face. If left untreated, she could lose her sight, and her eye.

Read N'nady's Story

As a young child, N’nady’s legs began painfully bending outward. By the time she was a teenager, she could barely walk.

Read Sekouba's Story

A growing tumor inside Sekouba's mouth impaired his breathing, then threatened his life.

Read Gamai’s Story

She was just a toddler when painful burns all but destroyed her arms and dreams. All Gamai wanted was to be like other little girls.

Read Adama's Story

Adama was blind for nearly a year. She'd never seen her babies' faces. She thought this was her fate, forever.

Read Mafouidya's Story

Mafoudiya felt invisible. It was hard to see past her deformity. Her cleft lip caused her emotional and physical pain.

Read Djazim's Story

Djazim developed a condition known as windswept legs. His exuberance diminished. His future was in danger.