Read Pierre’s Story

Without proper nutrition growing up, Pierre’s twisted, windswept legs threatened his future.

Read Salamatou and Mariama's Story

When poor nutrition caused a bone deformation in two sisters, their entire futures were threatened.

Read Edith's Story

When Edith was 7, a tumor started growing on her face—just like the giant one on her mother’s face.

Read Paul's story

Unable to eat or drink because of his cleft lip and palate, Paul’s life was in danger.

Read Tresor's Story

It took months for cataracts to destroy Tresor’s vision—and just twenty minutes to restore it.

Read Esther’s Story

One windswept leg was robbing Esther of the joys of childhood while threatening her future.

Read Monique’s story

Monique hid her blindness from her family, until it finally shut her off from the world.

Read Cecilia’s Story

Cecilia always smiled, even when her twisted knee made walking painful.

Read Ernest's Story

Ashamed of the tumor that was destroying his life, Ernest hid in the dark.

Read Dorkas' and Anna's Story

Both sisters were born blind, and their mother thought she was cursed.

Read Prinscio’s Story

Prinscio was ashamed of his twisted feet. Now he’s excited to run and play like other kids.

Read Haingo’s story

Unable to breastfeed because of her cleft palate, Haingo was slowly starving to death.