In 1978, Mercy Ships vessels began delivering Hope to those in need. Over the last 40 years and counting, Mercy Ships has called on 15 nations in Africa to aid in accomplishing this mission.  Our partnership with Guinea dates back to the year 1992, the first time a Mercy Ship was invited to dock in the port of Conakry. Since then, thousands of Guineans have benefited from our partnership.

Over the next ten months, Mercy Ships looks forward to joining with the tireless efforts of Guinean doctors, anesthetists, nurses, and many colleagues in the healthcare profession, to address the health challenges faced by the people of Guinea.

We hope to see transformation take place in the lives of thousands who will receive surgical care inside the ship. Mercy Ships will also equip Guinean healthcare professionals through mentoring and specialized courses to continue to serve the population — long after the ship sails on to its next destination.

Each act of mercy is only possible thanks to caring supporters like you!

Your gift today will accomplish even more transformations in Guinea!