Thousands of children are excluded, ridiculed, and cast out because of medical conditions their parents cannot afford to treat. That’s why we’re asking for your help. Let’s help them get the healing they need and let’s get them back to school.


A New Reason to Smile
Fadimatou had always been different from other girls her age — even her own twin — because of her cleft lip. When she made the journey to Mercy Ships, she was given a free surgery to correct her cleft lip. Thanks to your support, she is now filled with hope for the future, and shining with a newfound confidence!


Maeva’s New Shoes
When Maeva was accidentally burned as a baby, her family was afraid she would never be healed from the burn contractures on her foot. “Her only wish was to be able to wear shoes like the other girls so she could go to school,” recalled her grandmother. But after surgery on the Africa Mercy, Maeva can walk, run, and go to school. “I didn’t believe that one day she would be wearing shoes — yet, here she is!” said her grandmother.


Freedom for Ernest
Ernest’s eyes were full of shame as he tried to hide because of his massive facial tumor. But when he received free surgery from Mercy Ships to remove it, his eyes lit up with hope once more! “When I came here, my life was already over. Now I have everything in front of me.”


Your support provides free surgeries that truly transform lives.