Thousands of children are excluded, ridiculed, and cast out because of medical conditions their parents cannot afford to treat. That’s why we’re asking for your help. Let’s help them get the healing they need and let’s get them back to school.


Ready to Learn
PrinscioPrinscio was born with bilateral club feet, and his parents tried a series of failed treatments that left them heartbroken and with no money. They found their way to Mercy Ships, and Prinscio got the treatment he needed, free of charge. “Now I will be like other kids,” Prinscio says. And he’ll be able to start school on time.


A Life Renewed
LalaoWhat started as just a small bump on Lalao’s face grew into a crippling tumor hanging from her cheek. She had to give up teaching. Lalao and her husband were losing hope. A neighbor told them about Mercy Ships, and with your help, their prayers were answered. The tumor was removed, and Lalao is taking her life back.


Catching Up
SandrinsLittle Sandrins had to watch longingly as her twin sister left for school each day. The medicine that saved her from malaria caused a foot deformity that kept her from walking to school. But her mother never gave up hope. When she heard about Mercy Ships, she carried her little girl on her back to the screening and was overjoyed when Sandrins was selected. Now she’s back in school.

Your support provides free surgeries that truly transform lives.