a Smile and a Song

Posted on January 22, 2018 /

When Djazim flashed his contagious grin, the last thing you’d notice were his legs. But, beneath his joy, he was often in pain because of his windswept legs, which developed when he was four.

“It was very difficult for him to walk, and kids used to insult him,” said Salimatu, Djazim’s mother.

She loves her middle son with all her heart, and always held out hope for a miracle. So, when Djazim was approved for surgery onboard the Africa Mercy, she was overjoyed at the opportunity to mend her son’s legs.

While on the ship, Salimatu received troubling news—her husband had fallen critically ill while they were away. Salimatu was unsure if Djazim would return home to a father, and she filled her time on the ship in silent prayer and worry.

But, after Mercy Ships volunteer surgeons successfully repaired Djazim’s legs, another miracle occurred. One day, while Djazim was in rehabilitation in the HOPE Center, his father walked through the door, healed and overjoyed to see his son walking on straight legs.

“I had doubted whether I would see Djazim again, EVER,” said his father. “And there he was, with straight legs!”

When they were onboard the Africa Mercy, Djazim learned a song that he now shares with his family. Although he no longer needs to stay on the ship, he and his family still carry its song.

“When he starts to hum it, everyone starts laughing,” Salimatu said. “They ask him where he got it from, and he tells them, ‘The ship!’”

Thanks to you, Djazim and his family have a new story to tell and song of hope to sing.