Commitment to compassion.

For more than 40 years, strong leadership and oversight have been our foundation. With integrity, excellence, and stewardship, coupled with a strategic eye on the future, the governance of our board ensures our commitment to continue bringing hope and healing to those in need.

Our 2022 Board of Directors

Board Of Director
Françoise André

Vice Chair


Board Of Director
Gary Brown

Vice Chair CEO (retired)

CEO (retired)


Board Of Director
Kris Davis

Vice Chair

Founding Partner Dionysus Group, LLLP


Board Of Director
Thomas Latkovic

Vice Chair

Senior Partner McKinsey and Company


Board Of Director
Ruben Martin


President and CEO, Martin Resource Management Corporation


Board Of Director
Peter Schulze

Vice Chair


Board Of Director
Don Stephens

Founder President Emeritus


Board Of Director
Bert van Dijk

Vice Chair

Mercy Ships Belgium


Board Of Director
Gert van de Weerdhof



Board Of Director
Jan van den Bosch

Vice Chair

CEO, Owner
High Flight International Holdings



Dr. Bertha Serwa Ayi

Sioux Falls, SD, USA

Gary Belvin

London, UK

Dr. Gary Brandenburg

Teaching Pastor
Fellowship Bible Church
Dallas, TX, USA

Lois Boyle

Glasgow, UK

James F. Coppens

HR and Communications Officer
Ascend Performance Materials
Double Oak, TX, USA

Michael L. Cowan, MD

Vice Admiral, USN (Retired)
Ashburn, VA, USA

Troy A. Griepp

Managing Director
Morgan Stanley, Private
Wealth Management
San Francisco, CA, USA

John Paul Ketels

Senior Partner (Retired)
Clifford Chance
Washington, DC, USA

Dr. Michael Lindsay, Ph.D

Taylor University,
Upland, IN USA

David Overton

Opus Faveo Innovation Development
Austin, TX, USA

Dr. Loic Pfister

LPPV Avocats
Lausanne, Switzerland

Lucy Quist

Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer & Head of Change
Herfordshire, UK

Filip Rygg

Frogner, Norway

Daniel O. Shelley

Texas State Senator, (Retired)
Attorney at Law
Austin, TX, USA

Dr. Michael Spence, AC

Mercy Ships UK
London, UK

Janeen Uzzell

Wikipedia Foundation
Washington, DC, USA

Amy Haig Wagner

Wagner Family Foundation Atherton, CA, USA

Gilbert Walter

BRS Shipbroker
Geneva, Switzerland

Richard Wankmuller

Mercy Ships Australia
Caloundra, QLD, Australia

Rev. Jonathan Weaver

Greater Mt. Nebo A.M.E. Church
Bowie, MD, USA

Dr. Michelle White

Consultant Anesthetist
Great Ormond Street Hospital
London, UK

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