Cardo looked through the lens of the camera, watching his new friends making faces and acting silly. It isn’t every day someone discovers a whole new world … a world that had become much brighter and bigger thanks to Mercy Ships.

Cardo’s mother discovered early in her baby’s life that something was wrong. Local doctors diagnosed him with a hernia, a protrusion of tissue through the surrounding muscle of his groin. They said they could perform a corrective surgery, but it would be very expensive. As a single mother with three children, Cardo’s mother couldn’t afford such an operation.

As time went by, Cardo suffered with the painful and uncomfortable hernia. In fact, he was unable to attend school. His desperate mother prayed for a solution.

Her prayer was answered in the form of a radio announcement about a hospital ship coming to Madagascar to offer free surgeries. So Cardo and his Uncle Ernest traveled for two days by car to the medical screening.

Cardo wasn’t frightened at all. He proudly marched into the screening tent for the doctor to see his hernia.



Cardo was a bundle of happy energy as he recovered at the Mercy Ships HOPE (Hospital Out-Patient Extension) Center after his free surgery. He loved playing with bubbles, giggling contagiously, and enthusiastically riding the toy scooter that was refurbished by a Mercy Ships volunteer.

But he was especially fascinated by the video camera used to record his story – leading to his new dream of becoming a filmmaker.



And the compassion and generosity of donors like YOU scripted a perfect “happily-ever-after” ending for a little boy in Madagascar!