Djazim is a natural-born entertainer. He loves to sing and dance. But, when he was four, he began to develop a condition known as windswept legs. His exuberance diminished. His potential dimmed. His future was in danger.

windswept legs threaten future

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Djazim from Mercy Ships on Vimeo.

young life restored

Djazim’s parents began to look for help. They met a Mercy Ships screening team that was traveling throughout Benin in search of patients. Djazim received an appointment for surgery.

Djazim made it through his operation with flying colors.

After months of rehab, the spirited young boy was strong enough to return home and began to act like himself again. After a full recovery, Djazim’s legs were straight and strong enough to run, take part in neighborhood games, and to go to school.

Onboard our hospital ship, children like Djazim receive life-changing nutrition, care, and physical and emotional healing. Caring staff even taught Djazim a new song.

“When he starts to hum, everyone starts laughing,” Djazim’s mother says. “They ask him where he learned the song, and he tells them, ‘The ship!’”

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Djazim after surgery

the gift of mercy

For many of the world’s suffering poor, like Djazim, medical care and surgery are beyond their reach.

Onboard our hospital ship, we perform surgeries that can transform the lives of people who might otherwise face a lifetime of suffering. Our volunteer medical professionals provide first-world surgery to repair cleft palates, remove tumors, reconstruct burns, repair cataracts, and more.

For over 40 years we have partnered with local governments to leave our host countries better equipped with training, tools, and infrastructure to continue the healing.

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