the sending church

We go because He came to us. It’s the model of Jesus.

As a church, you pray for workers and support others, but sometimes God calls one from your midst to answer the prayer. Mercy Ships provides safe, skills-based, international missions opportunities for your church members. From nurses to deckhands, teachers to chefs, accountants to mechanics – it takes all kinds, with all skills to keep a hospital ship going strong.

Your church can help us bring hope and healing to the forgotten poor.

Prayer has always been integral to Mercy Ships. Join others around the world to uphold Mercy Ships in prayer.

Check out the variety of skills needed onboard the world’s largest NGO hospital ship.

Support your church member who’s serving with us, or donate a one-time or monthly gift to support our mission.


Mercy Ships resources
We were never meant to stay in the pew. Download Mercy Ships resources to supplement your efforts to keep the #MissionsMomentum going in your church.

We have many resources available for your use: bulletin inserts, posters, videos, Mercy Ships cards, and more. Click here to see a list of the downloadable items, or contact us for more options and resources we can mail to you. Please contact us if you would like a Mercy Ships representative to speak at your church or special event.

get connected

We’d love to hear more about your church and explore ways we can partner together to bring hope and healing to the forgotten poor.

Please call us at 903-939-7126 to get connected.



With Mercy Ships the connection between faith and work is easy to see. Our volunteers use their professional skills to bring hope and healing to Africa.

Laurin & Esther Avara
Laurin first heard about Mercy Ships through a random Google search. For Esther, her journey to Mercy Ships was 10 years in the making. “When I was about 16, a lady came to our church one Sunday evening and talked about Mercy Ships”…
Heather Morehouse
All it took was one blog and Heather Morehouse was hooked – hooked on an organization called Mercy Ships. At the time she was studying nursing, a profession she had wanted to be a part of since she was a little girl…
Dr. Sherif Emil
For most people the path to study medicine would not include a trip through engineering school, but that’s exactly where Dr. Sherif began his career. After growing up in a family of doctors, Sherif thought he would like to try something different and carve his own path…