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Tene suffered from a swollen foot since birth. When we met her, the little girl was at risk of losing her limb.

Future in Danger

Every year that passed without surgery complicated Tene’s condition, increasing her family’s fears. Their dreams that Tene would grow up to be healthy and happy felt far out of reach. Attending school, running races with friends, and playing happily seemed impossible now.

Children like Tene suffer daily in places where medical care is nearly nonexistent.

In sub-Saharan Africa, the numbers are heartbreaking. Curable conditions quickly become life-threatening due to a lack of safe surgery.

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A Vessel of Hope Sharing God’s Mercy

Why a ship? Simply put—a hospital ship is the best way to deliver safe surgeries to some of the poorest people in the world.

It Starts with a Location

Because 50% of the world’s population lives near a coast, we can provide more surgeries for more people with our floating hospitals.

We're Built on Efficiency

In regions where resources are scarce, a state-of-the-art hospital ship is the most efficient way to deliver free surgeries.

We Create Lasting Change

Our programs include training local professionals, providing new medical tools and resources, renovating facilities, and more.

YOU and Mercy Ships: delivering God’s love

Your compassion steps onboard to walk alongside each patient to remind them that they are not forgotten.

Step 1: Screening

Thousands line up. Many wait overnight, hoping and praying for the chance of life-changing surgery. Sadly, some must be turned away. Yellow patient cards serve as tickets for those approved to come onboard in the coming weeks for surgery.

Step 2: Surgery

Often, our volunteer surgeons can remove a life-threatening condition—like a facial tumor—in a matter of hours. Each surgery, and every patient, has their own story. Then, our entire crew offers their loving care to ensure patients receive the proper post-surgery treatment, rest and personal attention needed for a full recovery.

Step 3: Sustainability

Healing continues long after one of our ships departs. Mercy Ships aims to leave a host nation better equipped to care for their own by training and mentoring local professionals, providing in-country healthcare workers with medical tools and resources, helping to build better local medical facilities, and more…

Mercy in Action

Mariam, a businesswoman passing through Tene’s village, noticed the little girl’s swollen leg. Unable to look away, Mariam asked about local hospitals. Then someone told her about Mercy Ships, and people like you.

After surgery, Tene’s foot began to gradually shrink back to normal proportions. Her clunky gait slowly grew into the confident walk of a curious three-year-old. These are the types of life-changing transformations your generosity creates. When you become part of the Mercy Ships family, you walk alongside amazing individuals to help create beautiful, lasting change.

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