Edith’s mother, Valerie, felt helpless. Her daughter had a dangerous tumor on her face, just like she did. Though not hereditary, Edith’s tumor was growing in size right alongside her mother’s. And time was running out. “As it started to grow, I got scared,” recalls Edith. “I was worried it would grow as big as my mother’s.”

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Like mother, like daughter

After hearing about Mercy Ships on a radio ad, Valerie took a long trip the Africa Mercy where she underwent successful surgery. Now, it was Edith’s turn.

“It was a beautiful day for me,” remembers Edith. “I wasn’t scared because I saw how they operated on my mother. My life is fixed.”

Through the generosity of people like you, both mother and daughter are free to live life without the burden of fear. These are the types of real-life miracles your compassion creates. Thank you. Please share a holiday gift today.

Precious lives and futures. Changed forever.

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