Mercy Ships deploys hospital ships to transform lives and serve nations, and a crew of volunteer professionals from around the world make our mission possible.

Together, we’re bringing hope and healing – join us!


“The thought that our collective roles could service the needs of others urges a spark of joy — because loving is serving, and serving brings inner satisfaction and strength.”

—Denise N’gum, Cameroon


“I see compassion demonstrated throughout all the crew when it comes to our patients. From the moment they arrive on the dock, until they go home, every part of their journey is greeted with compassion.”

—Nico Havinga, Netherlands


“There are a lot of computer systems that we provide support for, and that’s been an enjoyable and rewarding challenge. You have a sense of being part of something that’s bigger than yourself.“

—Stuart Clear, United Kingdom


“As a PICU nurse onboard, I get to be a part of rebuilding broken hearts with love and laughter and the light of Jesus. This is why I volunteer. “

— Meggin Tallman, United States


“My favorite part about teaching in the Africa Mercy Academy is of course the students! They bring so many interesting cultures, views, and languages to the table. I love hearing their perspectives.“

— Lisa Benner, Canada


“I feel I’m part of something really good, and being a deck officer onboard is a way I can use the skills I have to help people. I don’t often have the opportunity to be of service in the way that I am on Mercy Ships.”

— Eric Baliantz, United States


“Our volunteers have been the heart of Mercy Ships for 40 years and are essential to the success of our new ship, the Global Mercy! This spirit of hope and healing inspires the best in everyone; the idea that I can help someone else by sharing my gifts, my knowledge, my resources, my strength, my prayers, with no thought for what I might get in return. This is truly the model of Jesus.”

— Angie Fadely, VP, Human Resources