A Path Filled with Pain

Fifalina’s legs appeared normal when she was born, but as she started to grow, her leg bones began to curve. Each year, they grew more and more deformed. Walking became difficult, and then dangerous—with fall after fall.

“At school I’m always left behind. I can’t play with other kids. I’ll play with other kids when I’m healed,” said this brave little girl.

Her heartbroken parents did everything they could to find help for their struggling daughter. Scraping together all the money they had, they took her to a specialist and then a traditional healer. Neither offered help or hope.


A Ship Arrived, Bringing Hope.

Then, Fifalina’s parents heard that a hospital ship had come to port. It was an answer to prayer. They quickly brought her there and she underwent several complex orthopedic surgeries. When her leg casts were first removed, Fifalina declared,

“I’m going to learn to walk again!”

After months of treatments that included rotating her leg bones more than 200 degrees, Fifalina can now finally walk like other children. She can go to school and live a full life.

Despite her small size, today Fifalina stands proud. She’s a pint-sized inspiration to all as she happily walks a path to a very different future.