An Answered Prayer.

Local doctors offered to help Jocelin, but the cost of the surgery was far beyond Jean Paul’s means. He loved his son dearly, but he was a simple farmer with 14 children. It felt hopeless not being able to help his son. Then, one day Jean Paul met a man who had just returned from a ship filled with foreigners who healed a tumor on his face for free.

Jean Paul saw this ship as the miracle he’d asked for—finally, his son would be free of fear and shame.


Healed by the Kindness of Strangers

Jean Paul brought Jocelin to our ship and was told his son would receive surgery at no cost. Jean Paul was overwhelmed and told us had never seen such kind doctors, such advanced equipment and so many strangers who showed love at every opportunity.

On the day of the surgery, Jocelin warmed up to the crew in no time. He waited patiently for his turn in the operating room and in a matter of hours, he was free of the tumor that had isolated him for the last 18 months of his young life.

Finally Free of Fear

Jean Paul could not believe his eyes when volunteer nurses returned Jocelin from surgery–his son’s tumor was completely gone! At once, the crippling fear that had gripped both father and son vanished, and they rejoiced.

“We had no hope,” Jean Paul told us. “You gave us hope. I am so very happy for this result. Thank you, and we bless your future journey.”