Find your place on board.

If you’ve always wanted to use your unique talent and skills to transform lives and make your mark on the world, we’ve got an opportunity for you. Come aboard and find your crew.

The experience of a lifetime is calling.

You always said “One day…” Make that day today.
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Find Your Purpose

Volunteering with Mercy Ships is a unique experience that allows you to help others and do work that matters.

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“A life-changing experience”

“In 2012, me and my wife started volunteering with Mercy Ships. What was meant to be a short-term gig turned into a life-changing experience”
- Ruben, Volunteer

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Join a Vibrant Community

The Global Mercy® will be staffed with over 600 volunteers from all over the world — a community like no other. Come aboard and find your crew.

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“Everyone has a role to play”

"It takes all kinds of people with all kinds of skills to run a hospital ship."
- Ropa, Volunteer

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Make a Lasting Impact

Change your life while changing the lives of others. Improving access to healthcare in Africa is so desperately needed — join us and make your mark.

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“It’s life-changing and life-giving”

"There is something magical about working on the ship..."
- Dr. Sarah Kwok, Volunteer

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40+ Years of
Hope and Healing.

Why serve?

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Why a ship?

Because 50% of the world’s population lives near a coast, our floating hospitals are the best way to reach and treat people in need.

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Why Africa?

Because there are only two physicians per 10,000 people in sub-Saharan Africa, many people suffer and die from treatable conditions.

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Why you?

It takes a wide range of people and skills to run a hospital ship, and our all-volunteer crew makes it happen. If you want to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others — including yours — we’d love to meet you.

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Life Onboard Edward Carew, Diving Team Leader | Canary Islands

Life on board.

A community like no other.

Our Mercy Ships community is unique and special. Compassionate volunteers from all over the world join together, living and working toward a common mission.

Serving with Mercy Ships offers the chance to build friendships and create memories that will last a lifetime. Community life is one of the most rewarding aspects of life on board.

Not only will your service with Mercy Ships make a difference in the lives of others—it will impact your own life, too.

Life Onboard
  • Housing
  • Dining
  • Amenities
  • Adventure
  • Education
  • Family
  • Training
  • Safety


Your personal Space

Our cabins are small, but cozy. Most of our Crew will share a cabin and a bathroom with multiple ‘cabin-mates’, with a bunk and a small closet to call their own. Each cabin is equipped with WiFi and A/C, with magnetic wall space to put up pictures of your loved ones. Couples and families have their own cabins, and single cabins for our Maritime Officers.

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“I think you get lifelong friends in a different way than I’ve done back home. I like the variety of people, cultures, and views.” “
Maria Ekstrand — Dining Room Team Leader
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“What may seem like a crazy decision, will be one of the most rewarding and most memorable experiences of your life. I still remember our patients faces, I still remember their stories, and I know there’s so many more people like that who still need help.” “
Dr. Joe Park (Anesthesiologist, Africa Mercy, Senegal)
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“The more I’m seeing [people’s lives being transformed], I realize this isn’t me giving away two years, it’s me gaining two years. For me, it’s more like a gift.” “
Eugene Ampadu (Videographer, Africa Mercy, Senegal)
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“Many of us are away from our families or away from our friends, but it creates an environment where you start to lean on one another. We have a community here. You work with the same people as you eat, as you play, as you worship. So, we become each other's community." “
Joff Williams (Managing Director of the Global Mercy)

How to apply.

Just five simple steps.

Mercy Ships needs volunteer medical professionals, maritime officers, teachers, administrators, I.T. specialists, accountants, cooks, and so much more. Find your place on board! Applying is easy and secure, and it’s only together that we are able to bring hope and healing.

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Step 1
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Apply with us

Find a position that interests you here to start your application. The more details & documentation you can provide upfront, the faster the rest of the steps will take! These include your CV or resume and copies of any relevant licensure and certificates. The application length varies by role, but if you ever need to step away, don't worry — you can always log back in and finish your application later. Once your application is submitted to Mercy Ships, you'll be directed to your online Portal for the next steps.

Step 2
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Application under review

The team at Mercy Ships will review your application and documentation submitted, and will let you know if we need any further details from you. During this step in the process, you may receive a request for a video pre-screen via our online tool, Spark Hire. Some positions and circumstances also require an interview with someone from our Human Resources team. At this point in the process, we collaborate to ensure you're qualified for the role for which you've applied and whether Mercy Ships is a good match for you!

Step 3
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Waiting period

If the position for which you've applied is not immediately available, you can join our Talent Community of volunteers who are awaiting their opportunity to join us! We keep you informed of any updates with the position and will give you some insider information so you can stay on top of Mercy Ships news!

Step 4
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Acceptance letter

Once the position and your availability align, the application team will work with you to tie up any loose ends and will send your acceptance letter and information! This will outline all the details you need to know regarding your commitment on board — your confirmed volunteer dates, any costs, required training, and outline your next steps. In between receiving your offer letter and joining one of our ships, you may be contacted by others from Mercy Ships with resources for fundraising, On Boarding, and preparing for your time with us!

Step 5
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Get on board!

This is, of course, the most exciting step in the process — when you travel to join one of our ships. Nothing beats the feeling you get from walking up the gangway for the first time, and we're excited to take this journey with you — bringing hope and healing.

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