For 25 years, Valerie lived with the physical and emotional burden of a massive facial tumor that weighed almost eight pounds. She did her best to ignore the cruel words and laughter that followed her, but when she found a similar tumor growing on her daughter Edith’s face, Valerie’s heart broke. She couldn’t stand to see her daughter taunted, abused, and rejected. It hurt too much. So, she searched and prayed for a miracle for many years.

Thanks to your kindness in action, Valerie and Edith heard about Mercy Ships, and both mother and daughter received life-saving surgeries to remove their tumors. Now, they are celebrating the new lives that you helped give them!

When I heard about Mercy Ships, I was given something I didn’t have before,” recalled Valerie with a smile. “Hope.”

This Giving Tuesday, will you help us save even more lives?