Waves of Mercy: Summer Edition 2022

A Season of Restoration: The July Digital Newsletter

The seasons feel as if they’ve flown by, and the warmth of summer is here! This year has been filled with joyous moments of hope and healing.

And we have much to be thankful for — including both the Africa Mercy’s® return to Senegal and the celebration of the Global Mercy’s® long-anticipated first visit to Africa. Today, patients are receiving life-changing surgeries, local doctors and nurses are expanding their skill sets, and lives are being transformed forever.


And all of these heartwarming accomplishments are thanks to the dedicated support of our compassionate friends, partners, and volunteers.  Together, united under the banner of healing, sight is being restored, tumors are being removed, and futures are once again full of possibilities.

Leading this year of celebration is the new CEO of Mercy Ships, Gert van de Weerdhof, who shares his excitement for the future, saying, “I am grateful to have experienced firsthand the incredible work Mercy Ships is accomplishing in close collaboration with professional volunteers from all over the world, our staff in global offices, and our African partners. It has been an honor to step into the role of Mercy Ships CEO and witness so many lives forever changed. Thank you for being a part of this journey — the best is yet to come.”

We, too, look forward to all that lays ahead and appreciate the prayers and friendships we’ve received as we continue to bring hope and healing to those who need it most — those like Hounsigbo.

Grace to Live Again

Imagine developing a condition that slowly steals your sight. Your world becoming hazy and dark until you can no longer see anything, leaving you feeling like a burden to your friends and family.

For many people, conditions such as cataracts are corrected through a quick and simple outpatient surgery. But for those living in sub-Saharan Africa — where doctors and nurses are difficult to find — these operations are nearly unattainable.

When Hounsigbo developed cataracts, this was the reality she was facing. Hounsigbo’s independence was stripped away without her sight, leaving her entirely dependent on her family — especially her grandchildren — to survive. Her hard-working life was quickly turned into one of burden.

But thanks to the support of dedicated partners, Mercy Ships was able to help her receive the surgery she so desperately needed. After a successful surgery to restore her vision, the nurses removed the bandages, and Hounsigbo was able to see for the first time in years. She laughed aloud and ran to hug the doctor.

“I have been given the grace to live again,” she shared. “Thank you, and may God strengthen you all to help more people like me.”

Transforming Lives Together

There are so many stories like Hounsigbo’s to share and even more to be told! And today, with the addition of the Global Mercy to our fleet, our capacity to change lives has more than doubled.

But this is only possible with the dedication of our volunteer crew and the continued support of our compassionate partners. Because of the faithfulness of our friends and partners, people are being healed, hope is being restored, and lives are being renewed.

As you read this issue of Waves of Mercy, we hope you are encouraged by the stories of hope and healing.

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” — Jeremiah 29:11