What if all it took to help save a life was a few extra chores and a willingness to give?

One 9-year-old discovered he could make a real difference in someone’s life this Christmas while working on a class project.

He and his classmates were tasked with the project to raise funds together, then they each chose a nonprofit that they thought deserved the class’ money. Finally, they had to deliver persuasive speeches to convince their fellow students why they should donate to the nonprofits they chose. When he started the project, he knew he wanted to convince his class that Mercy Ships should be the recipient of their hard-earned money.

“You can save someone’s life. Why would you NOT want to do that?!” he smiled as he practiced his speech.

Generous hearts like his are the reasons so many in Africa are receiving free, safe surgeries and the healthcare they desperately need. And like this one little boy, YOU can make a difference and save lives today!

Like the story of another little boy who gave what he had to feed five thousand people in Matthew 14, God takes what little we bring and uses it to serve far more people than we could ever imagine.

This holiday season, you have the opportunity to give gifts that will multiply to save lives and give hope. Let’s give what we can today and allow miracles to happen!