Kadiatou didn’t understand why her hands and feet weren’t like the other children, nor did she know why her mother had to tie her shoes on with string to stop them from falling off.

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Since birth, she’d suffered from clubfeet and twisted, hands, which caused her to fall behind when trying to keep up with her friends.

Unable to wear shoes properly meant that Kadiatou suffered greatly during both the rainy and dry seasons.

Scared her daughter would spend her life trying to catch up, M’Mahawa jumped at the opportunity to visit with the nurses on the Africa Mercy to see if Kadiatou was eligible for help.

When Kadiatou was approved for surgery, M’Mahawa was thrilled that her little princess would finally receive the help she needed.

Thanks to the creativity of the rehab team, many of Kadiatou’s appointments were the chance to play games that masked the important rehabilitation exercises!

It was a lengthy and challenging rehab journey for little Kadiatou, who had to strengthen her wrists and ankles having never used them correctly before.