Imagine the joy Sylvie felt to learn that Mercy Ships was coming to Benin and a free surgery might be possible to straighten Miracle’s windswept leg. She brought her little girl in for screening as soon as she could. Even though she was itchy with eczema at the time, Miracle let herself be carried up the gangway to her x-ray, charming everyone she came into contact with.

Miracle’s rash was treated and she was scheduled for surgery eleven days later.


A Brave Journey

After her surgery, Miracle’s leg was finally straight and Sylvie was overjoyed for her daughter. Miracle was eager to walk again, but with a heavy cast and many months of rehabilitative therapy ahead of her, she faced a long, slow recovery. Miracle committed to it bravely, and with each visit more and more of her sweet and happy personality returned.

Toward the end of rehab Miracle had returned to her fun, precious self. She liked posing like a teeny model bringing smiles to everyone around her.


Living Up to Her Name

Today, Miracle lives up to her name after full recovery from her orthopedic surgery. Her cast is removed and she can finally play and move around like every child.

“Now Miracle can run,” Sylvie says proudly. “We give thanks to Mercy Ships because what they did was so great!”