Mansare Stands Proud


Country | Guinea

Age | 4

Surgery | Orthopedic

Four-year Mansare had struggled all his short life with a condition known as “bowed legs” which made walking, running and playing with friends impossible. His condition threatened to crush his brave little spirit.

After years of watching him struggle with limited mobility, Mansare’s mother Simone heard about Mercy Ships and prayed that he might find healing.
She brought Mansare to the Mercy Ships screening day, where approximately 6,000 others had gathered in hopes of being seen by our volunteer nurses. Because of the crowd, Simone was afraid they wouldn’t get through. But Mansare’s brave spirit kicked in. He slipped through the gate of the compound and waved at his mother from the other side. “If you can’t get through, I will go and stand in line,” he said.
Once she got inside, Simone found Mansare standing in line by himself, unafraid. He was determined to get accepted for surgery on the Africa Mercy — and he did!

After he received surgery, Mansare spent weeks relearning how to walk, but always with a smile on his face. It wasn’t long before he was up and running.

Thanks to friends like you, today Mansare is a new boy, inside and out. “He loves his new body so much,” his mother said. “Surgery has changed our life,” Simone said. “He loves himself more. He’s more confident now.”

The sight made Souleymane exuberant with joy and gratitude. “I cannot believe it. She is so beautiful!” he exclaimed. “I am so happy and so excited to bring her home to see the family.”

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