If we had our way, we would put ourselves out of business. While that might seem strange to say, it’s true. Our genuine hope is that, through training and mentorship programs, the standards of medical practices in the countries we visit will be elevated to the point that, eventually, they will no longer need outside assistance.

In each country we visit we help train healthcare professionals on a broad spectrum of medical practices, ranging from surgical skills to sterilization procedures that will help reduce infections. All of this training is offered free of charge, in hopes that we will leave each country we serve better than when we arrived.

Another way we assist the host countries is through clinic renovations. Often times local facilities are run down, dirty, and in a state of disrepair. We frequently renovate one or more of these buildings for use as a remote clinic location, and then “gift” it back to the host country when we leave.

All of these programs help to create even longer lasting and further reaching change. It helps the work to continue long after the Africa Mercy has departed. These truly are “gifts that keep on giving”, and are only possible because of your incredible and faithful support!