Mercy Ships was recently chosen by Deloitte and Qlik as the benefitting nonprofit organization for the 2018 Deloitte Data Blitz. The challenge for the Deloitte Data Blitz, which was hosted by Deloitte in Washington D.C. last week, was to create a tool to help Mercy Ships determine the effectiveness and impact of the healthcare services they provide.

Denny Alcorn – Mercy Ships, Julie Whipple – Qlik Global Head of Corporate Responsibility, Aron Cowen-Luehrmann – Deloitte, Ben Kershner – Deloitte, Makenzie Magaro – Deloitte, Weston Kingsley – Mercy Ships, Maia Simonovsky – Deloitte

In this professional hackathon, teams were tasked with creating an operational dashboard used for analyzing and determining the distribution of care across income quintiles, as well as making daily operational and strategic decisions.

Each year, more people die due to lack of safe surgery than from tuberculosis, malaria, and HIV combined. Today, five billion people lack access to safe, affordable surgical and anesthesia care. Globally, only 6% of all surgeries occur in low-income countries.

Surgery continues to be a neglected component of primary care in low- and middle-income nations, and as a result, untreated surgical conditions create negative effects on human health, welfare, and economic development.

Mercy Ships works to address these massive global surgical needs, while providing critical training, education, and healthcare capacity-building. The organization’s vision is to use ships as mobile bases of operation, bringing surgical care to the poorest of the poor.

The results and analysis of the Deloitte Data Blitz will help Mercy Ships better understand how to more effectively meet the world’s growing need for more safe, accessible, and timely healthcare.

Congratulations to all teams who participated in the 2018 Deloitte Data Blitz, and especially to the winning team! Thank you for helping further our goal to provide the highest quality care with innovative programs and strategy. You are part of bringing hope and healing to those who need it most. Thank you.