Miracles in Real Time

As Christmas approaches and this unprecedented year draws to a close, we want to take a moment to thank our compassionate supporters. So many lives have been changed because of the generous spirit of our friends.

While in Senegal earlier this year, our volunteer crew saw so many miracles. Today, there are children who can now run on strong, sturdy legs — boys and girls who were barely able to walk before. People of all ages are no longer burdened by painful and sometimes life-threatening tumors, some feeling the weight of their condition lifted for the first time in their lives. These miracles are life-changing, life-giving, and often, lifesaving.

We wish our partners and friends could see in person the joy and gratitude that shines in the eyes of our patients because none of it would be possible without everyone who has come alongside us this year.

Thanks to the generous giving of our friends, lives have been transformed for children like Djimby, whose strong personality couldn’t hide the painful condition that she had to endure for most of her life.

When she was a toddler, her family noticed that her legs weren’t straight like those of other children. She had developed a condition called windswept legs, which made standing and walking difficult.

“I couldn’t watch one of my grandchildren suffer without doing something to help,” her grandmother, Ndeye, said. So she vowed to find healing for Djimby.

Over the next several years, Ndeye tried to find a way to cure Djimby’s condition but only reached dead ends. As Djimby got older, Ndeye knew that the time for Djimby to attend school was approaching. She also knew that unless Djimby’s legs were straightened, she wouldn’t be able to go. Djimby would often wake up in a great deal of pain, and since the school was not close to their home, the walk would have been too long and painful.

Ndeye knew that unless her granddaughter found healing, she would continue to struggle with pain and embarrassment over her condition.

Despite the setbacks they faced over the years, Ndeye vowed to continue her quest, saying, “I am healthy, and I can walk. So as long as I am living, I will be looking for a solution.”

The solution that Ndeye had been looking for came when she least expected it. Thanks to the generosity of our partners, Djimby was able to receive free surgery onboard the Africa Mercy and is now able to stand tall!

“Mercy Ships made me forget about the past years of suffering,” said Ndeye. “I hope Djimby will transform people’s lives the way Mercy Ships transformed her life.”

There have been so many stories like Djimby’s over the last four decades, and we look forward to seeing even more miracles come to life in the future. The journey is far from over, but with the support of our generous partners and compassionate volunteers, lives will continue to be changed as we bring hope and healing to so many people who are hurting.