Monique’s Brave Battle

By the time she was 6 years old, Monique could no longer see well enough to go to school. So, she stayed at home with Melone, a former teacher, who home-schooled her.

“I would not accept that my own granddaughter would not have an education—her best chance at a future,” said Melone.

For three years, Monique studied in growing darkness. The family set aside every penny they could to try and pay for surgery to repair the little girl’s vision. But there was never enough money.

Then Mercy Ships came.


The Blessing of Sight

When Melone was told that her granddaughter was approved for a surgery with Mercy Ships, she was overjoyed. After one 20-minute surgery, Monique’s eyesight returned.

The next morning when her eye patches were removed, her gaze eagerly darted around the room.

“I see everything!” Monique cried, “I see it all!”

Melone cried tears of joy for her granddaughter.

Within a few weeks, Monique returned to school. She was excited to be with her friends and learn with the other boys and girls.

“Since she has had the surgery, everything is possible,” said a grateful Melone. “She has been given the gift of hope, which is a huge blessing to our lives.”