Are You Ready to Come On Board the Global Mercy®?

The Global Mercy will be home to an exciting event as friends and partners come on board for the first time in celebration of the hope and healing that awaits.

And friends from around the world can join in on the festivities with our interactive virtual event from Feb. 26 through March 14! By joining us on the Global Mercy Experience, you’ll see firsthand the journey that many patients make — from their first steps up the gangway, to the day they celebrate their newfound healing.

You’ll see never-before-seen areas and hear all-new stories from patients and volunteers — all who have been impacted by hope and healing with Mercy Ships.

Tour our all-new, purpose-built training suites, where medical professionals from around Africa will join with Mercy Ships volunteers to train and support one another. There, partnerships will be born, skills will be learned, and healthcare transformed.

During the Global Mercy Experience, volunteers from around the world will share their stories of serving on board our hospital ship. From volunteering for a season to those who sold their homes to move on board our hospital ships permanently, every volunteer’s experience is as unique as they are.

Now is your chance to step into the shoes of all those who will climb that same gangway and leave forever changed. Enjoy stories of hope and healing that will touch your hearts forever and leave a mark. Register today!

More about the Global Mercy

In our 40 plus years, over two million people have been impacted through these acts of hope, and soon we will have the ability to affect even more change. For years, Mercy Ships has been working to produce a new state-of-the-art, custom-built ship with the hope of doubling our impact, and every day, we are closer to making that vision a reality.

With larger operating areas, more hospital beds, the ability to house even more volunteers, the new Global Mercy has been custom-built to bring more surgeries and medical care to as many people as possible.

Even more exciting is our new state-of-the-art medical simulation lab which will allow us to expand our training capabilities in unprecedented ways. Now, local doctors, nurses, dentists, and other healthcare professionals will have the opportunity to learn new techniques and procedures to apply in their own fields of work.

Our goal is that through the training these professionals learn onboard the Global Mercy, local medical workers will be able to continue to educate others within their hospitals, clinics, and communities to create a more robust healthcare system from the ground up.

“Mercy Ships has the potential, within a generation, to help rewrite the healthcare narrative in Africa,” shared Don Stephens, Founder. “We can train medical professionals and upgrade the quality of hospitals and clinics — all while saving lives. Imagine the hope and healing provided by this unique new ship!

We are excited to share this momentous occasion with all those who have made it possible and hope you will join us. Register today!