It was an ordinary morning when then 10-year-old Sekouba first noticed a tiny bump in his mouth. He showed it to his mother, M’mahawa, who thought it would simply go away on its own.

But it didn’t.

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Sekouba after surgery

physical and emotional suffering

What began as a button-sized growth inside Sekouba’s mouth, grew as big as a tennis ball. It was a dangerous tumor. Breathing soon became difficult, threatening his life.

“What’s that in your mouth?” asked friends and classmates. Eventually, curiosity turned into laughter and ridicule.

Sekouba’s family couldn’t afford the surgical costs needed at a regional hospital. So a neighbor told them about Mercy Ships, a floating hospital providing free, safe surgeries.

After being admitted onboard the Africa Mercy, Sekouba received surgery to remove the maxillary mass, followed by several weeks of appointments to closely follow his recovery process.

“Every time I pray, I thank God for this ship,” said Sekouba’s mother. “I don’t know what we would have done without it.”

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Sekouba after surgery

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In the world’s poorest countries medical care is too often unavailable to those who need it most.

For people like Sekouba, our hospital ship is the only opportunity they will ever have to get surgery and medical care that can save and transform their lives.

Every port we go to becomes a beacon of hope for hurting people. Our partnership with local governments and medical centers means we can leave behind a legacy of transformational care.

With the help of our volunteer medical teams, donated medical supplies and the support of caring friends, we bring first world care to the world’s suffering poor- repairing cleft palates, removing tumors, reconstructing burns, repairing cataracts, and more.

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