Mercy Ships Completes Renovations for Further Medical Care

Many healthcare workers in developing countries lack adequate facilities to serve their communities. Often times, medical administrators with limited resources have to choose between either building more medically friendly facilities or maintaining their current ones so that they have enough resources to retain their health workers. Collaborating with local healthcare partners, Mercy Ships provides construction and renovation services that enhance local healthcare resources.

Our personnel provide project management for renovation projects in the nations that host us, using local construction crews. Many of the renovations provided, are for necessary structures such as dental and vision facilities to be utilized during the Mercy Ships field service. Renovations are often provided for our future HOPE center facilities to ensure that our patients have a safe, clean area to recover from surgical intervention. After our hospital ships leave, the newly renovated buildings are returned to the country’s Ministry of Health for their continued use. In this respect, renovations solve the immediate needs of Mercy Ships as well as long-term needs for structural improvements in the countries we serve.

When necessary and appropriate, Mercy Ships will conduct renovations at local hospitals to improve the capacity and quality of surgical care. These renovations will be implemented in alignment with the PUMP (or Partner Unit Mentoring Program) model for team training.

Renovations could include:

  • OR Renovations
  • Improved Power Source
  • Water and Septic System Repair
  • Improved Walkways and Roads