A Family’s Fight of Faith.

When N’nady was 8, her older brother—who also had bowed legs—was able to receive free corrective orthopedic surgery onboard our hospital ship, the Africa Mercy. At the time, N’nady was located too remote to access the ship. She would have to wait.

So, the personal ridicule continued.

“I fight for her every day,” said N’nady’s father, Ibrahim. “I tell the other kids off for making her cry. Everyone teases her.”

From the schoolyard to the alleyway, echoes of mocking laughter haunted N’nady. Father and daughter continued to pray.

When Ibrahim heard that the Africa Mercy was returning to his village, his family rejoiced.

Stepping Into Her Future

Onboard, N’nady’s surgery and rehab would not be easy. But she was a fighter. With the support of our dedicated crew, there was no stopping N’nady. She embraced the toughest parts of her journey towards healing with tenacity, bravery, and courage.

After years of physical and emotional suffering, N’nady can now walk confidently into her future. Because a friend like you decided to come by her side.

“Without treatment, the tumor could invade the eye and we’d have to remove the eye with it,” shared Dr. Venter. Thank God, in M’Mah Benessa’s case, that would not be necessary.

Now, thanks to her growing confidence, M’Mah Benessa is no longer afraid of attending school. In fact, she restarted her education—and life—this year.