Endless hope and care to give.

Since over 50% of the world’s population lives near a coast, our ships are the best way to reach people in need with personalized, state-of-the-art medical care.

Answering the call.

Globally, 5 billion people lack access to safe surgery. With the support of people like you, we deploy hospital ships to combat this overwhelming statistic.
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Around the world in places without access to medical care, there are children, teens and adults suffering and dying from treatable causes. Without help, one child in eight will die before age 5. Together, we can reach these vulnerable children and families and provide the hope and healing they have been praying for.

Our hospital ships are filled with state-of-the-art medical equipment and a volunteer crew of doctors, nurses, medical staff, technicians, teachers, physical therapists and other caring people driven by mercy to help make the world a better, healthier place for all.

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Serving those in need since 1978

Mercy Ships has provided hope and healing for people in need for decades.

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Driven by a sea of change.

Mercy Ships began our mission to provide hope and healing to those in need in 1978. Each year we send hospital ships filled with volunteer medical professionals who selflessly provide life-changing surgeries to children and adults who otherwise would go without. Together we are saving lives.

About us
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We follow the 2,000-year-old model of Jesus, bringing hope and healing to the world’s forgotten poor.

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Mercy Ships uses hospital ships to transform lives and serve nations.

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We seek to love God, love and serve others, demonstrate integrity, and strive for excellence in all we do.

Over 1 billion people in need.

Healthcare is a human right.

Mercy Ships believes that everyone deserves a life full of promise and potential. That every mother deserves to see her child grow healthy and thrive. And that being able to access the medical care you need should never depend on where you are born.

We believe that healthcare is an human right, and we are committed to reaching children and families in need of safe surgical care with state-of-the-art hospital ships filled with compassionate volunteer healthcare providers.

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Life-changing surgeries & more.

State-of-the-art floating hospitals enable our volunteer surgeons and medical professionals to provide lifesaving surgical procedures in a safe, sterile environment including clean water, reliable electricity, and monitored care center.

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    Eye Care

    Together we address surgical eye needs in places where preventable blindness is widespread.

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    Mental Health

    Those suffering mental illness are often marginalized by their communities. Mercy Ships is there to help.

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    General Surgeries

    Mercy Ships provides free corrective surgeries for many conditions children and adults suffer from.

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    Oral Health

    More than filling cavities, we work in communities to teach basic oral health education that changes lives.

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    Maxillofacial Surgeries

    Mercy Ships works to heal cleft conditions and facial tumors where specialized surgery doesn’t exist.

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    Orthopedic Surgeries

    We heal clubfeet and twisted limbs to help relieve the suffering of people who before had little to no access to surgery.

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    Palliative Care

    We follow the model of Jesus as we tenderly care for terminal patients and their grieving families.

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    Women’s Health

    Mercy Ships' doctors, nurses and caring volunteers provide a holistic approach to women’s health issues and treatment.

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    Plastic Reconstruction

    The Mercy Ships plastic surgery team provides relief from painful disfigurements through specialized surgical interventions.

Donate Picture Sema recovers from orthopedic surgery. | Guinea

Continued healing to create lasting impact.

The healing continues long after the ship departs. Mercy Ships seeks to leave the host nation better equipped with the training, tools, and infrastructure to care for their own.

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    Training for local professionals

    Mercy Ships offers specialized training to local healthcare professionals in techniques and procedures appropriate for their environments.

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    New medical tools and resources

    Mercy Ships provides new equipment to healthcare workers in the developing world who lack the tools necessary to deliver basic care.

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    New medical facilities

    Collaboration with healthcare partners allows Mercy Ships to provide construction and renovation services to enhance local healthcare resources.

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    Growing a better future

    Mercy Ships partners with local agencies to help families and communities learn practical and natural food-producing skills.

surgery media surgery media Mansare (top) and Benessa | Guinea

Building capacity to save more lives.

When our ships depart a site, we strive to help leave an improved healthcare system in our wake.

Before, during, and after our field services, Mercy Ships implements healthcare training projects that teach the medical knowledge, skills, and attitude needed to provide hope and healing to patients long after our field service.

Our Education, Training, and Advocacy projects help strengthen the standards of surgical care within the local communities of the countries we serve. The legacy is a lasting impact that extends for years — and even generations.

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Donate Picture Aliou and hand therapist, Lauren Spring | Senegal

Unique solutions

Mercy Ships provides essential capacity building projects requested by the nations we serve to help the local country to deliver healthcare more safely and with greater knowledge, tools, and resources.

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    01 Mentoring

    Mercy Ships provides mentoring programs for surgeons, anesthesia providers, ward nurses, operating room nurses and biomedical technicians.

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    02 Courses

    Mercy Ships courses include essential surgical skills, primary trauma care, SAFE obstetrics and pediatrics, and WHO checklist training.

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    03 Infrastructure & Renovations

    Collaboration with healthcare partners allows Mercy Ships to provide construction and renovation services to enhance local healthcare resources.

  • The Mercy Ships fleet.

    Throughout the history of Mercy Ships, there has been a variety of ships in service — all used to bring hope and healing to the forgotten poor.

    Global Mercy

    The Global Mercy is our first purpose-built hospital ship, capable of more than doubling our ability to save and transform lives.

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    Africa Mercy

    Until recently, the Africa Mercy was the world’s largest non-governmental hospital ship — weighing a total of 16,572 tons. Today, the title goes to our newest ship, the Global Mercy.

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    Anastasis ™

    In 1978, this Italian cruise liner was inherited as the first Mercy Ship and converted into a life-changing mobile hospital.

    Caribbean Mercy ™

    After joining Mercy Ships, the Caribbean Mercy spent 12 years in Central America and the Caribbean basin, bringing healing to more than 13 countries.

    Good Samaritan ™

    She sailed for 11 years as Good Samaritan, serving the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. During that decade-plus, she carried cargo and personnel to the Pan-American games for the U.S. Olympic Committee in 1991, and became the first ship to legally sail between the United States and Cuba in 30 years.

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