“The moment I realized that both of my daughters could not see, I began to hope that one day they would get surgery,” mom Nicole said. “They’re very sweet with each other,” says mom Nicole. “But people used to call them crazy.”


Hope in Sight

Years went by, but finally Nicole heard that Mercy Ships was close by in Benin—and that they could treat children’s cataracts for free. “I went hopefully to them,” she said, making the trip from Togo. It was worth all the effort.

Nicole left the Mercy Ships screening site with yellow cards—signaling that her daughters were scheduled for surgeries.

“It was then that I started to believe,” said Nicole. “But I was still praying and wondering if they would really be able to see after the operation. I was not yet confident.”


Childhoods Restored

After her daughters received free surgeries, their vision returned. Today, they run and play like other children and their mother Nicole is full of joy.

“Now I can go out without being worried about my children’s safety,” Nicole says. “I’m confident now. God put His hand on Mercy Ships to heal my children, and all I can say is thank you and keep on doing this work.’”