Adama was five months pregnant when she started to lose her sight due to cataracts. When she delivered her twin babies, Adama had to face the truth. She was blind. She’d never seen her babies’ faces. She thought this was her fate, forever.

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Adama’s blindness stretched on for almost a year. Her twins were six months old, their faces still a mystery to their mother, when her husband heard about Mercy Ships.

After Adama’s free operation, Mercy Ships staff slowly removed her eye patch. Adama kept her eyes closed for a few seconds. Then she gradually blinked them open. A smile spread across her face.

She reached for her twins, joyfully drinking in the details of their faces for the first time. Adama cradled them both in her arms at the same time, eyes dancing between the two.

“I never expected that my babies would be so beautiful,” she murmured.

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For many of the world’s suffering poor, like Adama, medical care and surgery are beyond their reach.

Onboard our hospital ship, we perform surgeries that can transform the lives of people who might otherwise face a lifetime of suffering. Our volunteer medical professionals provide first-world surgery to repair cleft palates, remove tumors, reconstruct burns, repair cataracts, and more.

For over 40 years, we have partnered with local governments to leave our host countries better equipped with training, tools, and infrastructure to continue the healing.

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