Three-month-old Paul’s cleft lip and palate made it impossible for him to eat or drink all the nutrients he needed. He was severely underweight, his skin paper-thin. Paul’s future looked bleak. But his brave mother, Francoise, refused to give up on him.

Children like Paul need access to free, safe medical care.

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Mercy arrives

Francoise carried him in her arms to the Cameroon port where the Mercy Ship’s hospital ship was docked. Paul was too weak and sick to undergo surgery right away. Our team quickly began a feeding intervention to restore his health.

After three months, Paul weighed four times as much as before. He was ready for surgery.

After undergoing two successful surgeries, Paul is now able to eat and drink like a healthy child. He can grow up and live with the dignity all children deserve. His future is boundless.

When Francoise saw her son’s beautiful new smile, she could hardly believe it. Her prayers had been answered.

“I’m so thankful for all the love and care here,” Francoise exclaims. “The Lord has changed the life of Paul and given him a new one.”

With your support, thousands of children and adults in Africa will have access to free, safe surgery. Help save their lives.

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