Prayer has been an integral part of Mercy Ships’ decades-long history. Join those around the world who uphold the work of Mercy Ships in prayer.


Pray for Benin

Pray for people in Benin who have waited so long for medical care that isn’t available in their country.

Transportation and communication in developing countries can be challenging. Pray that the word will spread about our services and patients will be able to travel to the screening sites.

Pray for strength and wisdom for our screening teams.

Pray for our crew

Please pray for our crew as we get ready to help the people of Benin.

Mercy Ships is committed to the delivery of safe surgical care and, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, will work with various hospitals to provide medical training in essential surgical skills, primary trauma care, sterile processing, obstetric and pediatric anesthesia, and several other areas.

Pray for Africa’s leaders

volunteers sitting together praying

Good leadership is the single factor that can most dramatically and rapidly change a nation’s circumstances and create a brighter future.

Please pray for those countries in sub-Saharan Africa, which are beginning to put in place leaders who will work to bring about much-needed change.

THANK YOU for joining us in prayer!