Prayer has been an integral part of Mercy Ships’ decades-long history. Join those around the world who uphold the work of Mercy Ships in prayer.


Pray for Benin

Pray for people in Benin who have waited so long for medical care that isn’t available in their country.

Transportation and communication in developing countries can be challenging. Pray that the word will spread about our services and patients will be able to travel to the screening sites.

Pray for strength and wisdom for our screening teams.

Pray for Madagascar

Please pray for Madagascar – pray for continued healing as our patients rejoin their families and villages after receiving help, love, and community on the ship.

Pray that the renovated facilities will serve many in years to come and those mentored would feel well equipped to provide continued medical care to the Malagasy people.

Pray for our Benin Advance Team

As we gear up for another field service in Benin, please pray for the efforts of the Advanced Team.

They are there already managing logistical concerns like hiring the local daycrew, securing a location for patient screening, and sorting out customs procedures.

Pray for our crew

Shipyard work

Pray wisdom and stamina for our shipyard projects’ teams who are rebuilding systems in the engine room.

They are also replacing old equipment with new, renovating cabins/offices, and working faithfully to get the ship in excellent working order to take us to our next field service location.

Pray for Africa’s leaders

volunteers sitting together praying

Good leadership is the single factor that can most dramatically and rapidly change a nation’s circumstances and create a brighter future.

Please pray for those countries in sub-Saharan Africa, which are beginning to put in place leaders who will work to bring about much-needed change.

THANK YOU for joining us in prayer!