Prayer has been an integral part of Mercy Ships’ decades-long history. Join those around the world who uphold the work of Mercy Ships in prayer.

Pray for our Plastic Reconstructive Surgery Patients

Already this year, more than half of our scheduled plastic reconstructive surgery patients have received live-changing surgery. Joints frozen by burn scars have been released, neurofibromas (growths) removed, and finger problems corrected. We are so thankful for the restoration that has taken place thus far and continue to pray for the healing that is get to come.

Will you join us in praying that our patients skins grafts would be knit together and life be brought to the areas that have been so wounded? We also ask for wisdom for our doctors and nurses as they continue to treat many complicated cases with risks for infections.

Pray for our patients

For our young orthopedic patients a corrective procedure is only the beginning of healing. They also receive physiotherapy to help them restore function and relearn simple things like walking.

Please pray for the many children who have had surgery over the past months: for them to be cooperative with their physio, to understand physiotherapy’s importance, and for their mothers to be fully committed to the exercises needing to be performed daily. Please also pray for wisdom and endurance for the Rehab team treating more than 100 patients. They desire to reflect God’s love through their care.

Pray for our patient selection in Madagascar

Would you please pray with us as we continue to select and schedule patients for surgeries and treatments from across Madagascar?

Pray that the transportation logistics for the patients receiving ship appointments would fall into place as some of them have to travel for days to reach the ship.

Pray for Africa’s leaders

volunteers sitting together praying

Good leadership is the single factor that can most dramatically and rapidly change a nation’s circumstances and create a brighter future.

Please pray for those countries in sub-Saharan Africa, which are beginning to put in place leaders who will work to bring about much-needed change.

THANK YOU for joining us in prayer!