Gamai was just a toddler when she pulled a pot of boiling water over and badly burned her arms.

Her parents rushed her to the hospital but were only given ointment for her treatment. They did their best to help her, but without proper care for her burns, Gamai’s wounds healed in a constricted position—leaving her unable to straighten either arm.

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Gamai’s painful burns kept her from doing things other children take for granted, like playing or even helping around the house. When she asked her mother if she could go to school someday,
her mother said ‘yes’, but she feared in her heart that that day would never come for Gamai.

One day, Gamai’s mother learned that Mercy Ships was coming to Guinea. She heard about the free, safe surgery provided for people who suffered disfiguring burns. Soon, mother and daughter were onboard the hospital ship, waiting for surgery.

After a complicated surgery and several weeks of therapy to restore her mobility, while some of Gamai’s scars remain, she can now freely lift and straighten her arms. She can play, go to school, help her mother with chores, and have the normal life of any other little girl.

Gamai can now reach for the better life she once only dreamed of.

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In the world’s poorest countries medical care is too often unavailable to those who need it most.

For people like Gamai, our hospital ship is the only opportunity they will ever have to get surgery and medical care that can save and transform their lives.

Every port we go to becomes a beacon of hope for hurting people. Our partnership with local governments and medical centers means we can leave behind a legacy of transformational care.

With the help of our volunteer medical teams, donated medical supplies and the support of caring friends, we bring first world care to the world’s suffering poor- repairing cleft palates, removing tumors, reconstructing burns, repairing cataracts, and more.

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