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Generosity Changes Lives

Our mission of bringing hope and healing to the forgotten poor would remain a dream if not for our dedicated partners whose generosity changes lives. These Shipmate® partners help bring lifesaving surgery and medical capacity training to countries where there is little to no medical care by supporting our hospital ship the Africa Mercy and our dedicated volunteers on a monthly basis. Thank you for continuing to help those who need it most!

Stories of Mercy

Take a look at some of our stories of mercy, made possible by the help of your monthly donations.

Los Primeros Pasos de Assiatou

La historia de Assiatou: Assiatou se inclinó hacia delante con cautela, apoyando el pie en el suelo, primero el talón y luego la planta, hasta que incluso los dedos del pie quedaron apoyados en el piso del hospital. Avanzó con cuidado antes de dibujar una sonrisa...

Assiatou’s First Steps

Assiatou’s Story: Assiatou leaned forward gingerly, pressing her foot to the ground — heel first, then the sole, until even her toes were flat on the hospital floor. She shuffled forward carefully before a smile broke out across her face. It was only a tiny...

Grace to Live Again: Hounsigbo’s Story

For more than three years, Hounsigbo lived in total darkness, cataracts clouding her vision in both eyes. Before, Hounsigbo had been busily working in her village in Togo, going every day to the forest to cut trees and weave mats out of their branches, selling them...

Most Likely to Succeed

When she was a child, Marie Madeleine developed a muscle contracture in her leg. As she continued to grow, her knee hyperextended backward...

Her Legs and Life Restored

With her legs bowed at 45-degree angles, each day was a struggle for Aicha and a painful reminder that she was not like other little girls...