Depending on the position for which you’ve applied, an interview via Skype or phone call may be required. Typically we do not conduct interviews for those applying to join for less than a year, though at times the supervisor on board may request one in an effort to better understand your previous work experience and suitability for the role, as well as provide you with details of the position and what you could expect if approved.

Typically we would interview for the following positions:

  • All managers
  • Communications team
  • Academy teachers
  • Senior engineers and officers
  • Chaplains
  • Information Services team
  • Finance team
  • Supply team
  • Human Resources team
  • Staff Development team
  • Administrative positions
  • HOPE Center team

We may also conduct a brief interview if there are concerns regarding English language proficiency, as we require CEFR English Level B1 on board (minimum). Please refer here for more details.