Schedules vary depending on where you work. Ward and ICU nurses work rotating shifts, which will include nights and weekends. Operating Room staff and other ship-based teams tend to work weekdays, day shifts. Some days may be long.

Dental personnel, community health educators, eye field team members, mental health team members, and palliative care team members work off the ship Monday through Friday. This means they are usually in a hot environment and wet during the rainy season.

Nurses can expect to work approximately 10 shifts in every 2-week period. You will usually receive one weekend off every two weeks. All shifts are 8 hours, including weekend shifts. You will work a mixture of day and evening shifts, with 4-5 night shifts in a 4-week period. Night duty is expected of all ward nurses. Shift times are as follows:

Day: 7AM – 3PM

Evening: 2PM – 9.30PM

Night: 9PM – 7:30AM