Throughout our more than 40 years of bringing hope and healing to those who need it most, our volunteers and crew have seen thousands of children and adults impacted by access to free surgery and medical care. Bodies have been healed and spirits made whole. And it’s only possible thanks to our partners who financially undergird our mission.




Even during a time where COVID-19 challenges many ways of life, our mission of hope and healing has prevailed, thanks to the continued support from our compassionate friends which helps so many people — those like young Mansare

Mansare grew up with a condition known as “bowed legs,” — an ailment often caused by an underlying disease and worsened by malnutrition.

The orthopedic condition kept the young boy from fully experiencing some joys of childhood, like running and playing. Even walking was difficult for the young boy whose condition caused pain and struggle with every step.

Mansare’s family spent years watching him struggle with his limited mobility and worried that they would never find healing for him. Then one day, they heard about a hospital ship arriving in their country.

After being seen by the volunteer nurses at the screening day, Mansare was scheduled for surgery onboard the Africa Mercy. The surgery took only a few hours, but recovery would be a challenge for the bravest soul. Mansare spent weeks recovering and relearning how to walk. Though the work was hard and at times painful, he never lost the smile on his face, and soon he was up and running like never before.

“Surgery has changed our life,” his mother, Simone, said. “He’s happier; I’m happier. He loves himself more. He’s more confident now. Thank you!”

Over two years later, we were able to visit once more with Simone to learn more about Mansare’s progress following his surgery.

“Mansare’s surgery means a lot to our family,” Simone shared. “Before he couldn’t walk for long before he became tired and I would have to carry him. Now he doesn’t get tired easily.”

Every day Mansare continues to grow strong. While he was too young to attend school when he received surgery, he is happily attending classes now, and his future is brighter than ever.

“Every time I talk to people about Mercy Ships, I say something good,” Simone said. “Every day I talk about the work the ship does for people, giving hope to those who have lost it.”

Your partnership with us affects so many, and your impact continues long after we leave the country. And, with the newest addition to our fleet mere months away from service, we know that more lives than ever will be changed. There are so many stories like Mansare’s to share and even more to be told! We hope as you read through this edition of Waves of Mercy, the stories of hope and healing encourage and uplift you.

Everyone deserves to experience the power of hope, and thanks to the generosity of people like you, children like Mansare will finally be able to stand with confidence. Thank you for playing a vital role in bringing hope to those in need!