Maurinho’s classmates taunted him, calling him “hook foot.” Maurinho was miserable. His parents tried everything they could to help him. They even got special casts for his legs and feet. But nothing worked, and they could not afford the much-needed surgery.


A Gift of Hope and Healing

When Mercy Ships volunteer crew arrived in Benin onboard the Africa Mercy, everything changed. With help from friends like you, we provided free surgery for Maurinho and stayed by his side through weeks of rehabilitation and physical therapy at our Hope Center.

Maurinho even celebrated Christmas with us, surrounded by presents, love, and pure joy as he heard the story of Jesus’ birth. And what a gift it was when just a few weeks later his casts were removed, and he zoomed around the room on straight legs.

“I know he will play football with his friends. He will climb trees. And when he goes to school, he will tell his friends that Mercy Ships made his legs straight,” says his father, Terrance, with a heart bursting with gratitude.